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Washing Machines - Troubleshooting

If the washing machine does not start:

- Is the electrical plug connected to the washing machine?
- Is the door closed correctly?
- Is the water tap opened?
- Check to see if the inlet pipe is not bent
- Check if the Start/Hold button is not pressed
- Filter is blocked on water inlet pipe
- Has the manual been read for operation?

If the washing machine is vibrating:

- Were the transport brackets removed if it is a new appliance?
- Is the wasging machine level on the floor?
- Tiled floors which are slippery may cause washing machine to move and vibrate
- Check to ensure load is balanced
- Ensure washing machine is not overloaded

If the washing machine is not washing properly:

- Is the washing machine overloaded?
- Was too much or too little detergent/soap used?
- Is the detergent/soap drawer empty, if not: wash/clean drawer before using the machine again
- Ensure stay soft is not too thick
- Was the correct program/temperature is selected
- If the outlet pipe is too low, water runs out of the washing machine
- Has the manual been read for operation?

If the washing machine is not spinning or water is not draining:

- Ensure that the drain hose is not bent or placed to high up
- Check the filter to ensure not blocked
- Check to ensure that the load is balanced
- Check to ensure rinse hold or spin button is activated/pressed in
- Has the manual been read for operation?

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