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Refrigeration - Troubleshooting

If the fridge/freezer is a new unit and has just been delivered or it has been transported between two places by road:

- Allow the refrigerator/freezer to stand for 12 hours before connecting the unit to an electrical connection and switching on the unit

If the fridge/freezer is not getting cold:

- Is the electrical supply connected to the refrigerator/freezer?
- Was the door open for an extended period?
- Were a large quantity of room temperature or warm foods placed in the refrigerator/freezer within the last 12-24 hours?
- The refrigerator/freezer is near a heat source (e.g. Sunlight, tumble dryer, microwave, enclosed area)
- Is there enough free/open space around the unit?
- Is the compressor / motor at the back of the fridge / freezer running?
- Has the thermostat/temperature been set?
- Check to see fridge/freezer is not overloaded
- Ensure doors are closed correctly
- Has the manual been read for operation?

If the fridge/freezer is icing up or too cold:

- Check the thermostat/temperature setting is not set too high
- Check that the fridge/freezer drain is not blocked or iced up
- If the ice is frosty, ensure that the door seals correctly onto the body of the refrigerator/freezer (use warm water on door seal)
- If the freezer is icing up, check to see if the unit is a frost free unit or not. Defrosting needs to be done manually if not frost free
- Has the manual been read for operation?
- Ensure that no item has been placed against the cold plate

If the fridge is leaking or there is water inside the fridge:

- Ensure no bottles have been left open
- Ensure that there is no item placed against the cold plate

On units with ice and water dispensers and no water or ice is produced:

- Ensure water tap is connected and opened
- Ensure that the lever for the ice mechanism is in the “on” position
- Ensure filter is connected correctly and that does not require replacing
- Has the manual been read for operation?

If alarm is activated:

- Ensure refrigerator/freezer doors are closed
- Ensure there is power to the fridge
- Check temperature on fridge/freezer, if it is a new unit hold alarm button to switch off alarm and set display to required temperature
- Has the manual been read for operation?

Unusual noises from Fridge/Freezer:

- The fridge/freezer is not level - Adjust feet
- Kitchen Appliance is touching the wall or other object
- Check if items inside the fridge are touching

Water on the floor or storage shelves:

- Water drain hole inside is blocked (e.g.: use straw to unblock)
- Check if bottles are closed correctly

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