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Dishwashers - Troubleshooting

If your Kelvinator dishwasher is not washing properly:

- Plates and bowls were not scrapped prior to loading ino the dishwasher 
- Machine overloaded (load according to user manual)
- Possible filters blocked (Clean filters regularly)
- Detergent under dosed
- Is water too hard-adjust salt consumption? (refer to user manual for adjustment screw)
- Spray arms blocked

If the dishes are not coming out of dishwasher clean:

- Is the filter clean?
- Are the spray arms clean/blocked? (Refer to user manual)
- Was the detergent/soap released from dispenser?
- Are there any obstacles in the path of the spray arms allowing them not to turn fully?
- Incorrect loading or stacking
- Is the dishwasher connected to a hot or cold water point, as hot water points may cause problems
- Has the correct program been selected for the dishwasher? (Refer to user manual)
- Has the manual been read for operation?

If the dishwasher does not start:

- Is the electrical supply connected?
- Ensure that the dishwasher doors are closed correctly
- Is the water tap open/Is water pressure too low?
- Ensure inlet pipe is not bent
- Has the manual been read for operation?

If the dishes are not coming out of the dishwasher dry:

- Are the dishes hot?
- Is there rinse aid in the dispenser?
- Is there water in the unit?
- Plastics do not dry completely

If glasses are coming out milky:

- Too much detergent/soap is been used
- Glasses are been washed at too high a temperature. Wash glass below 65 degrees
- Is rinse aid being used?
- Inadequate rinsing
- Has salt been added to soften water?

If there is water in the dishwasher/If the water is not draining:

- Ensure outlet pipe is not blocked, bent or placed to high
- Is the filter clean?
- Check drain too see if there are no blockages
- Was the program stopped/or door opened? (Program stopped before cycle ended)

Noise from unit: If the dishwasher has a humming sound when switched on but does not operate/Knocking noise/Rattling:

- Empty dishes from dishwasher, Tilt dishwasher sideways-90 degrees to empty out water from the bottom tray (on towel)
- Possible spray arm is knocking against items
- Items inside dishwasher are loose in the wash basket

Smeary form or spots on items:

- Very greasy load in dishwasher
- Rinse aid concentration too low

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